A Digital Duplicator : A Solution You Need

A digital duplicator is an answer to all your problems, be it high printing costs, maintaining confidentiality of data and machine operability

Fast and Economical Copies A Printer Duplicator or Digital Duplicator (DD) is a printing technology that offers the lowest cost per copy. Such technology has been designed keeping in mind high-volume print jobs, where the minimum number of copies is 20. This makes them a reliable and cost-efficient substitute to offset printing equipment or toner-based copiers. […]

Paper Shredders : A Way To Maintain Security

Paper Shredders

Niels Ferguson may have thought “Complexity is the main enemy of security”, but frankly many a times; security can be the simplest, most effective choice available to you. As the competition between businesses grows, a key differentiator is business intelligence. Systems are designed to make businesses and governments more secure, but in spite of it […]

Mobile Data Transfer Made Easy.

  Buying a New Phone Purchasing a new mobile phone usually fills us with a sense of excitement. However, we also feel a sense of worry at having to transfer all our precious contacts from our old phone to the new one. A phone’s SIM card can only hold so much information, and saving old […]

How Badly Do You Need A Label Printer?

Label Printer Applications

Are you tired of clutter? Is your workplace, home or industry an area of confusion with unnamed boxes and files? Does your audio-visual system or any other machine have a number of wires attached, leaving you confused as to which wire is which? Are you in the lookout for an easy, foolproof solution? In such a […]