A Digital Duplicator : A Solution You Need


Digital DuplicatorFast and Economical Copies

A Printer Duplicator or Digital Duplicator (DD) is a printing technology that offers the lowest cost per copy. Such technology has been designed keeping in mind high-volume print jobs, where the minimum number of copies is 20. This makes them a reliable and cost-efficient substitute to offset printing equipment or toner-based copiers.

 How Digital Duplicators Work

Digital Duplicators digitally scan an original document, and then transfer the data to a master template via a thermal imaging process. This master template is then wrapped around a print cylinder. Ink is pressed through tiny holes in the master template to create the final print. Used master templates are automatically removed and placed in a disposal box. This way, the person operating the machine need not touch the used master material that is covered in ink.

These duplicators work at a very high-speed compared to other printing methods. They can produce between 45 to 130 prints in a minute. They are also considered very reliable as they do not use heat or copier components like toner, thus reducing the need for servicing.

Why Digital Duplicators?

Digital Duplicators are the most economic way to make several prints. A single print can cost as little as 7 paise. This cost can be reduced even further, if the volume of copies being made increases. The lack of photoreceptive drums and heated fuser units means that less power is consumed. There are no toner cartridges either, and this leads to reduced waste.

These duplicators are more environmentally friendly as compared to photocopiers. As they do not emit Ozone, and have an inbuilt function called “energy save”. Certain DDs also come with a secrecy system. This means the operator can enter a personal code, without which the machine cannot be used.

Digital Duplicators also have a USB function, so users can make copies directly from a USB pen drive. It can also be connected to a computer, and copies can be made from there.

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Digital Duplicator or Copier?

Digital Duplicators are an excellent piece of equipment, and can make hundreds of copies in minutes. However, though the machine has many advantages, it is not perfect. One of the drawbacks of a Digital Duplicator is that it can print copies a single sheet at a time. A copier, on the other hand, is able to copy entire sets of documents at a time. It is also difficult to get numerous coloured copies with a Digital Duplicator. This is because most are limited to functioning in a single colour, though a second colour can be added. However, the addition of the second colour requires the printed pages to be run through the duplicator to receive the additional colour.

Main Users of Digital Duplicators

Digital Duplicators are especially suited for schools and governments, the two biggest users of paper. Both these institutes need numerous copies frequently. With Duplicators, these institutes no longer need to depend on other outside parties for their copying needs.

In the case of schools, Digital Duplicators make it possible for worksheets, circulars and exam papers to all be replicated within a matter of minutes. As the time taken to make copies is negligible, copies of an exam paper can be made just before the exam. This allows schools to maintain confidentiality, and helps prevent papers being leaked to students. Another huge benefit is that the equipment is userfriendly, so everyone, from students to class teachers, can easily operate the machine.

Digital Duplicators can also be used on a variety of papers. This means that business cards, report cards and invitation cards can all be copied with the help of just one machine!


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