Safeguard Against Counterfeit Currency : The Easiest Way


Handlng Too Much Cash?Keeping Track of Money

Money is one of the most important things to us today. We need money to buy everything, from basic necessities like food and water, to luxury items like vehicles. Some money exchanges may be small ones, like paying for a water bottle. Others can be significantly larger, like paying thousands for a new mobile phone. While counting notes for small transactions is quite easy, counting notes for large transactions can get tricky. Notes may get stuck together, resulting in the need for several recounting before the transaction can be successfully completed. Even if all the notes are counted, there is the worry that some of the notes may be fake. Luckily, there are new machines available in the market today, which can help solve these problems.

Professional Counting

Banks handle large sums of money on an everyday basis. For this reason, they use machines specially designed to help them count notes accurately. Some machines can count bundles of notes, while otCurrency Counterhers can count loose notes. These machines need not be limited to banks. Machines like the Easy Count Series and Ntegra can be used by any agency that requires help in counting large amounts of currency. These note counters are quite compact and feature large LCD displays and settings, making them user-friendly. Apart from simply counting the number of notes, some machines also provide an Add Up Counting feature, and may even go so far as to detect the presence of half notes and counterfeit currency.

Counterfeit Money

While handling small transactions of 4 to 5 notes, it is possible for a person to hold each note up to the light to check its authenticity. However, this method of checking notes is not possible in the case of large transactions. This is where fake currency detection machines come into the picture. The Third Eye 511 Fake Note Detector is a machine that helps identify phony notes. This compact machine instantly detects fraudulent currency notes, thus preventing fake notes from being circulated.

Counting and Checking Authenticity

While conducting monetary transactions, it is important that mistakes are avoided. In order to carry out error free transactions, currency counting machines, as well as a fake currency detection machines are required. These machines used together, ensure that no parties are being cheated. While having two machines to count and check the authenticity of notes may seem like a lot, keep in mind that the machines are compact and are a great way to carry out efficient transactions.

Today, corporates, retail organisations, builders, hospitals and hotels all handle large sums of money on an on-going basis. Using such counting machines helps these organisations keep track of the money coming in and going out. The counting machines allow large currency transactions to take place instantaneously, while the fake note detectors ensure that nobody is cheated by fake money. The early detection of counterfeit notes also helps others in the future, as fake notes, once detected, can quickly be taken out of the system.


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